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A centre, even a small one, here in RMWB could double the capacity of critically important supports, especially for time sensitive conditions like autism.

Educare Early Intervention

Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton

Our campaign is called More Than Just Bricks

Why? Because having a stand-alone facility here isn’t just about space. It’s about the capacity to see more children, provide more support, and create a critical mass of expertise for children with disabilities – here, at home, where they live. It’s about creating hope and support for families who face a lifetime of challenges. A place for them and their kids would be much more than just bricks.


The Campaign wants to:

  • Raise awareness of the terrible stress so many RMWB families feel when they learn of their child’s disability.
  • Raise awareness of the lack of supports and respite capacity that exists in RMWB relative to our size.
  • Educate our community that supports work, but need to be provided quickly, by a team and right here in RMWB. That asking these parents to seek supports around various locations, sometimes even in Edmonton or Red Deer is personally and financially stressful, and slows support at a critical time for their children.
  • To gauge this community’s ability to support a capital campaign to build RMWB’s first stand-alone supports centre.
Our goal is to establish a support network for autism communities of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Providing information, supports and awareness to families, individuals and professionals.
Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood
Buffalo – Mission Statement

There are more than 180 families dealing with autism- related challenges who are forced to seek help from multiple agencies within town. And most families often travel outside of town to access help that just isn’t available here.

– Danielle Dureault, Educare

We need your help.

Would you be willing to help us build the team of caring people in RMWB who can launch a capital campaign? Would you be part of that team? Would you be willing to donate to the campaign once we launch?

If so, please call Danielle Dureault at 780.713.5503 or email

Please help us harness the incredible, proven energy that our community has demonstrated in the past to build hope today.

It’s about much more than just bricks.