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Yes, I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB!
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  1. So needed in our community
  2. I have a nephew with autism and it would be a great way for him to develop new skills and interact with people.
  3. Jeremy Coffin
  4. Glenn coffin
  5. Glynis Bowers
  6. This is a sorely needed service in a community with a growing population.
  7. Tonya Baker
  8. Ashley Walsh
  9. Jezza Ong
    I absolutely support this petition.
  10. Tammy Robichaud
  11. Madeline
  12. Mariah Grive
    Build it and they will come! And hurry up, much needed
  13. charmaine bragg
    our fort mcmurray kids need this.
  14. Roxanne Kendell
  15. Patrick Bennett
  16. Penney tilley
  17. Brenda fraess
  18. Megan Salamone-Matchem
  19. Sandy Grandison
  20. Angela Larson
  21. Jan Bourassa
  22. Susan Konski
    There are many children, and their families, that need these supports to survive and thrive.
  23. Jessica Roy
    I am the Principal of Dr. Clark School and we are absolutely privileged to have the Triple I program in our school that educates many young autistic students. We also have numerous students who are older with autism and we love each and every one of them. The parents and students in our community deserve supports and a place like this could provide a very much needed resource for our city. Please sign and share.
  24. Christopher trepanier
    My son has autism, I would love a place for him to go
  25. Katherine Vladicka
  26. Kristen Hill
    I am signing b3cause i know many fsmilies who liv3 in fort Mac and my husband works up there full time only home 6 days a month.
  27. Jennifer Park
    This will benefit the entire community.
  28. Talia Warriner
  29. Iris Cook
  30. Ryan Stubbs
  31. Liliana Stubbs
  32. Lisa Skinner
  33. Bryan Powell
  34. Lindsey Powell
  35. Marc Barette
  36. A sorely needed service for an ever-growing community with a large population of individuals and families in need of support!
  37. Natalie
  38. Lara rowland
  39. Jessica
  40. Scott Morton
    In 2009 I was hired by Canadian Natural at Horizon. I was not able to move my family to Fort McMurray because my son needed Autism specialized services and the services need were not available in RMWB. My son's access to services was the deciding factor to remain in Calgary.
  41. Kali MacDonald
  42. Laura Niven
  43. Sonal Chitre
    This is so necessary!!!
  44. Laurie-Ann
  45. Crystal Sali
    Great idea, I hope it happens! 💙
  46. Samantha Quarterman
    As a teacher in this community, we absolutely are in vital need of this service and inclusiveness in our community. Please sign and support today!
  47. Genevieve Rogers
    yes I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB
  48. Katie Cooper
    What a great addition this would be!
  49. Omolola
    This is gonna be awesome
  50. Tiffany Molloy
  51. Alicia Hamilton
  52. Sandra Fifi
  53. Paulette Packolyk
    Parents in our community are in such need of a treatment centre for children with special needs. We need to give these children every opportunity that is available. Also, we need to strive to be an all inclusive community. Would it not be incredible to have a progressive centre for children with special needs in our community?
  54. Jeremy Hebert
  55. Maria crisostomo
    Yes, I surely support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB...
  56. Daun Shears
    We need this so bad.
  57. Jason B
  58. Cherie Dell
  59. Jennifer Dahl
    We need services that help all ages. A place for families to know they aren't alone.
  60. Marjory Nyilika
    Yes I have a child on the spectrum and I feel the services in this city could be improved
  61. lLorraine Albert
  62. Colin Hartigan
  63. All comuntities need to have supports and friendly activities in place for theses people and families. Autism and other social and behavioral issues rising there will more demand for places like this.
  64. Tiko Bielecki
  65. Christal Ford-Grant
  66. Jessica Mackenzie
    Our family would greatly benefit from this facility.
  67. Cassie Guye
  68. Melissa
  69. Allison
  71. Jorsy Fuenmayor
  72. Desirae Jarvis
  73. Christine Warren
  74. Kayla Fitzpatrick
  75. Tiara Samson
  76. Kerri Power
  77. Angie Thompson
  78. Lacey LeBlanc
  79. Ernest Bourassa
  80. Nancy King
  81. Debbie parsons
    Most definitely support this....all children deserves to have the best..
  82. Stephanie
    Yes support this cause Our children that have special needs deserve a place to play & learn
  83. Audrey
  84. Jasmine
    We sure do need a place for children with disabilities to play here in Fort McMurray !! ❤️
  85. Catherine Aasen
  86. Melissa cheney
  87. Bernadine Pelley
  88. Lisa Campbell
  89. Bruce Rogers
  90. Erica newhook
  91. Tera Joseph
  92. Melissa Rogers
  93. Tammy Locke
    This is needed in our community!
  94. Alannah
  95. Marika Gieselmann
  96. Stephanie
    Yes, I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB!
  97. Jennifer Pittman
  98. Keli Johnson
  99. Kaleshia Kiyan
  100. Candace Matthews
  101. Cory Klopak
  102. Donna Knock
  103. Amy Provencal
  104. Joanne Moore
  105. Of course
  106. You bet I do
  107. Danielle Lidstone
  108. Lise DeLaFranier
  109. Vonita tobin
  110. Nicole
  111. Samantha venator
  112. Shawnisy Hiscock
  113. Sherrie Horton
    After living in the RMWB and working with school aged children I have seen a great need for support as I've met parents of children with the greatest need who had to leave the community to get support for their children .
  114. Kristin Hammock
  115. Laura Olsen
  116. Corina Nolin
  117. Debra Hrynyk
  118. Shannon McCambley
  119. Melissa Lauzier
  120. Natalie Wood
  121. Lana Pelletier
    A facility or space at a reasonable price is long overdue to help support familiies with children/adults with disabilities.
  122. Tina O’Toole
  123. A facility like this will be great
  124. Chelsa mackinnon
  125. melissa major
    yes we can
  126. Kara-Lyn Fediuk
  127. Alexandra
  128. Trish Borjas
    Something HIGHLY needed in our community
  129. Sharlene Bueckert
  130. Sheilah Kelly
  131. Scott Backhouse
  132. Lisa Euler
  133. Rhonda Konrad
  134. Lori Henderson
  135. Shelly Medveszek
  136. Jane Drew
  137. Sherri Rogers
  138. Pamela sneath
  139. Tammy Prokopowich
  140. Bobbi Piercey
  141. Tabitha
    This is a fabulous idea!
  142. Kristi Gallant
    A much needed facility/service for many children in our community.
  143. Bernadette Herman
  144. Denise Neville
  145. Marjory
    I have a 7 year old meltdown at superstore was not fun and people’s stare where not making it easy but hey am a super mom tried to handle it as best as I can. Found out he loves escalators so that’s what we do when we go to the mall, up and down escalators. Be kind to all
  146. Chrissy
    Great idea!
  147. Heather
  148. Miriam Gordon
  149. Michelle Murphy
  150. Meagan Bos
    I support this project 100%!!!!
  152. Trina Payne
  153. Melissa Legge
  154. Andrea Boucher
  155. Chrissy louvelle
    Awesome idea
  156. Mary E MacNeil
  157. Christine MacNeil
  158. Antoinette Portis
  159. Cassie coulson
  160. Jasmine Strychalski
  161. Fern Dixon
  162. Mackenzie Velders
  163. Sean Penrose
  164. Britt Penrose
  165. Shannon
  166. Sheila Hardy
  167. Nicole Park
  168. Amanda Donald
  169. Lynne Tomlinson
  170. Melissa Barker
  171. Norine Davis Martin
  172. Patti Gidge
  173. As our teen son neared the end of school, we realized there wasn’t much available in the way of adult services. We chose to move To Stony Plain where there was an amazing post high school program and more opportunities for him to succeed as an adult. When he was younger we struggled with wait times for specialists and therapists and the need for them to come from Edmonton. Once we moved closer we were able to access these things much quicker.
  174. Joy Nicholson
  175. Amanda Daniels
  176. Melanie de Ruiter
  177. Christie Bryksa
  178. Dale Baggs
  179. Shauna Bulbeck
  180. Mary Ann Morehouse
  181. Amy Gillis
  182. Julie Lancaster
  183. kristin turriff
  184. Jennifer Park
  185. Tania Bouwer
  186. Leona Gillies
  187. Stacey Raffray
  188. Candace Wigham
  189. Jessica James
  190. Luke dakin
  191. Kerri Dakin
    100% this is needed!
  192. Genevieve
  193. Genevieve
  194. Lorie Lochansky
    Our kids deserve better!!!
  195. Tracy Bourassa
  196. carlie kane
  197. Laurent Tetreault
  198. Tina Tetreault
    We can do this !!!!!
    Let’s do this!!!!
  200. Clint hooper
  201. Alexis Bingle
  202. Gurpreet
  203. Tina Hamlyn
    100% agree
  204. Megan St Denis
  205. Gina Pointer
  206. Crystal Normore
  207. Krista Marquis
    Yes, we support and encourage more support for our Families.
  208. Susan Kramer
    I support you! This is needed in Fort Mac
  209. Deanne Critchley
  210. Robert Rogers
  211. Kim Fewer
    Children and adults with disabilities need this service and it is long overdue.
  212. Karen Romaniuk
  213. Candice Marcheterre
    I work with kids with special needs as a profession and is frustrating there is no facility for them!
  214. Jordon Hodding
  215. Tanya Gregory
  216. suzanne chmilar
  217. Perry Meadus
  218. Nesrene Harati
  219. Chelsey
  220. Cathy Quinn
  221. Alexander B
  222. Natasha B
  223. Aisling Kavanagh
  225. Tammy Brentnall
  226. Liz Haskins
  227. Deni Ruiz
  228. Nancy MacNeil
  229. Chris Harper
  230. Julia Hebert
  231. LeeAnne Leonard
  232. Alex Marche
  233. Name Clarissel Bacerra
  234. F
  235. Kristi Gallant
  236. My Martinez-Luong
  237. Felicia Stein
  238. Jennifer
  239. Vanessa McMahon
  240. Sarah Frohaug
    Let’s give kids the support they need!
  241. Amanda Myers
    This would do wonders for our community and the amazing families that reside here.
  242. Amy Hill
  243. Katy hill
  244. David hill
  245. Jayne hill
  246. Kelsey Wiseman
  247. Amanda Thomas
  248. This is much needed for children with Special needs!
  249. Rebecca Reid
  250. Tara Brigley
  251. Kelly lavoie
    As a parent to an autistic kid here in fort mcmurray, I digress how this is needed in our community. We are allready so isolated here, it woukd be so helpful to have more supports here.
  252. Vanessa Sullivan
  253. Karen Benoit
  254. Rita Harris
  255. Vicki Rae Shears Tucker
  256. Geoff Netzel
  257. Courtney Marchand
  258. Christine Godby
    This will make such a difference for children like mine!
  259. Josh Beaudoin
  261. Jonathan bowen
  262. Jody Fraser
  263. We need this!
  264. Jason vargo
  265. Clarissa vargo
  266. Candis Tetreault
  267. Juanita Heath
  268. Shauna Marie MacKinnon
  269. Michelle Bechtel
    So many need this kind of support. This would be so valuable for our community!
  270. Wissal Abadi
  271. Nicole Spring
    Much needed in RMWB. We want families to continue to call Wood Buffalo their forever home!. Too many have already made the trip south a permanent one because of the lack of services and supports. This project has my full support and such a facility in our region is LONG over due!
  272. James Brophy
    Fort McMurray is under serviced in this regard.
  273. Ashley Diane Allen
  274. Veronique Brophy
    This is much needed.
  275. Nicole dion
  276. Alyson Hannigan-Langley
  277. Kyla Meek
  278. Amanda McCabe
    Having worked in the school system with children who have autism I’ve seen the amount of support these children need. Having better supports in the community would make it much easier for parents. A facility like this is long overdue!
  279. Jacquie McFarlane
    Educare does great work with all of its students!
  280. Nicholas harnun
  281. Frankie Lambert
  282. Jessica Majeau
  283. Jenna Majeau
  284. mackinley sinotte
  285. Melissa Barefoot
  286. Lindsay Dickinson
  287. Denise Neville
  288. Hope amoffatt
  289. Amy Gervais
    This would be such a needed addition to our community! The more support and resources we have, the better!! Yes, Yes & Yes!
  290. Joanna MacNeil
  291. Debbie Savage
  292. George Huggan
  293. Kara Boulton
  294. April mcpherson
  295. April mcpherson
    It’s a great program!!!
  296. Brad St. Denis
    I consider access to support and educational needs an essential service. Please provide it to all children residing within our region.
  297. Tania Bouwer
    Much needed!!
  298. Shannon mcinnis
  299. Carol Blinov
    I fully support this project. Families in the RMWB deserve access to coordinated local services that a centre such as this would provide.
  300. Carol MacDonald
    Our kids shouldn't have to travel 5 hours to see their doctors.
  301. Valerie Daly
    I grew up in Fort Mcmurray. When my second nephew was diagnosed on the spectrum the only service they had access to was attending Educare. My brothers family moved South eventually to get more access to services that he needed. The families of Fort Mcmurray need this!!!
  302. Glenis Krochenko
    I support more than just bricks!
  303. Marcie Falloon
  304. Trina Organ
    This would be great for the kids
  305. Tammy VanMackelberg
  306. Melissa Doucet
  307. kari kalinin
    This has my full support
  308. Kristine Bilanski
  309. Luana Donahue
  310. Angie Walsh
    I’m happy to sign this petition for all the kiddos who need these services in the RMWB region. As a former resident and parent of a child with autism, Fort McMurray needs more supports and this would be a great resource for the families.
  311. Llona piquette
  312. Danielle Till
  313. Zuleyka Ramirez
    This would be good for our kids. We need more choices of sensory activities for them.
  314. Stephanie Ballard
  315. Belinda Keenan
    Autsim, a life time of learning!
  316. Sally Deering
  317. Starr Gaulton
    I support a place for special needs kids . as a Mother of a child with autism this would be amazing !!!
  318. Dwayne Roth
  319. Janene Whenham
  320. Kerry Landry
  321. Jennifer Nielsen
  322. Lisa Molloy
  323. Leigh White
  324. Tina Tetreault
    Yes, I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB........ WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!!!!!! WE WILL DO THIS !!!!!!!!!
  325. Jennifer Gallant
  326. Renee Hickey
  327. Laura Goodyear
  328. Carrie Danku
  329. We need more services!!!!
  330. Kim Fantauzzi
    Fort McMurray, Alberta would greatly benefit.❤️
  331. Sheena Richardson
    I fully support this much needed facility for the RMWB!
  332. Gayleen Sinclair
    Very much needed in our community!
  333. Sherry Duncan
  334. Cynthia Haas
  335. Suzette Berenguer-Reid
  336. Kelly Roberts
    Its important to have these services in our community.
  337. Cynthia Durnford
  338. Stephanie Szaflik
  339. Miranda Sneddon
  340. Beverly Brown
  341. Melissa MacDonald
  342. Andrea Mitchelmore
  343. Corinna Pirie
  344. Frank Power
    I think this is great.
  345. Jenine Haukeness
  346. Jennifer Reynolds
  347. Tifanie Book
    Fort McMurray needs more services for our children with disabilities. Adolescents on the spectrum would benefit from social supports and a place for organized activities outside of school.
  348. Susan Smith
    I support this for both the children and the adults in our community that have developmental disabilities!!! Let's finally give them the support needed!!!
  349. Shirley Todd
  350. Tara Skeoch
  351. Candice Crossley
  352. Amanda Doudiet
  353. Debora Langley
  354. Alana Chiasson
    A much needed resource with a powerful driving force. RMWB children deserve the opportunity to develop and thrive in an environment that supports their needs.
  355. Much needed. Please support.
  356. Danelle Mandeville
  357. Maite Rincon
  358. Sheila Heltke
    Lived there for 15yrs, definitely more services needed!
  359. Connie-Lee Heath
  360. Gina Colombe
  361. Melissa colombe
  362. Janet SNow
  363. Natasha Nicholson
    This is so badly needed in our community. I am so proud of the people and organizations that have come together to try and make this happen.
  364. Shelly Janvier
    I have worked in the Ft. McMurray Early Childhood field for 40 years and can speak first hand to the need of this type of support in the community. I’m so excited to see how this amazing and much needed program develops!
  365. Kelly Wheeler
    Every child deserves the best care.
  366. Lisa Pires
  367. Kristen Rose
    Our community desperately needs more services for children with disabilities and their families. As a teacher, I have worked closely with many wonderful families and know how much this would be appreciated and utilized in our community.
  368. Amy McRae
    Parents need support and children need this. I’ve seen first hand how much our community needs this.
  369. Barbara Fitzpatrick
    We so need this in our community, I have a special needs boy and this would definitely benefit him
  370. Kent tsui
    This service doesn't just support kids with disabilities, they support entire families and the community.
  371. Nina Bratic-Lande
  372. Allie Wait
  373. Breanne Black
  374. Nicole Park
    Much needed !
  375. Melissa Russell
  376. Jennifer McCray
    What an exciting project! Cant wait to see the amazing things that will happen!
  377. Stephanie Myrick
  378. Lorelle D’Silva
    As a parent and teacher I fully support the need for this type of facility in our community. All children deserve access to environments and people that help them thrive.
  379. Carolyn murray
  380. Jennifer Earle
  381. Autism Auntie
  382. Taylor Dubasov
  383. April Hillier
  384. Jasmine Knelsen
  385. Christine Stone
  386. Pamela Molloy
  387. Patsy Coffin
  388. Michelle Mccarthy
    Yes this absolutely something we could use in our community
  389. Jonathan Atkinson
  390. Dawna Backhouse
    Such an amazing opportunity for RMWB!!
  391. Ana Vermolen
    Definitely support this!
  392. Megan Wilkins
  393. Lisa Vaters
  394. Humberto Soto
    I fully support this petition ...
  395. Humberto Soto
  396. Crystal Martyshuk
  397. Paula Jewers
  398. Tammie Kane
  399. Grace Tetreault
    Yes! I support this project.
  400. Leanne Paluch
  401. Wendy Ward
    This sounds awesome for RMWB children with disabilities. I support this 100% and all these moms who have fought so hard for their children to have this here in their very own community!!! ❤️
  402. Chantelle
  403. Jennifer
  404. June Primmer
  405. Chris Bellows
    I’m a parent of a 5 year old son with Autism and I support this campaign.
  406. Melanie Bellows
    I am a parent with a 5 year old son who has Autism. I truly believe that a facility like this will bring forth a lot of positive changes in the community and surrounding areas of the RMWB region. Parents/families will be able to access the proper supports and services for their child in one building. This will also mean parents won't have the long wait times to have their child assessed or diagnosed. They won't have to make the long trek to Edmonton or Calgary for appts or diagnosis. Let's give our kids & community a brighter future.
  407. Rhonda Bennett
  408. Pam Jardine
  409. Cavell Lush
  410. Jane Drew
    Definitely support this...a diverse and inclusive safe space is what we all need, especially children with disabilities!
  411. Nicole Jenkins
    Why should these children be left out and not have a fun safe place to play.
  412. Karla Power
  413. Amanda Fraser
  414. I support this project
  415. Kristyn Van Buskirk
  416. Terilynn Goudie
  417. Connie Heath
  418. Jill Kerrigan
  419. Magda Murphy
  420. Kaylea Collins
    Full Support
  421. Tanya splaine
    I support children with disabilities.
  422. Charlene Bissonnette
    Much needed, and looking forward to it happening!
  423. Tammy Locke
    I support! ❤️
  424. Dagan Jones
    I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB
  425. Yes!
  426. Danielle
    I support this project!!
  427. As a former Fort McMurray EA (recently moved to Edmonton), I know that this would benefit many families and children! Love love love this initiative
  428. Amber McIntosh wilson
  429. Morten Paulsen
    RMWB needs this place. Let's make it happen for kids with autism and other disabilities. Calling on all potential donors to please step up.
  430. Angela Masear
    Yes, I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB! Now is the time to make this happen!
  431. Renee Maher
    My son who will soon be 7 diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Severe Intellectual disability. We desperately need a place for our special needs kids to go!
  432. Hilary Beck
    Having a child with ADHD and sensory issues makes socializing very difficult within our community. Having a place to go that’s specialized for just for children with disabilities would be a wonderful addition to our community and give families a safe place to meet other families.
  433. Stephanie Jenniex
    As a teacher I know first hand that we need more support in our city!
  434. Amanda Martyshuk
    Fort Mac needs a place
  435. Alanna Keoughan
    Much needed!
  436. Melissa Castonguay
    Let’s make this happen
  437. Aurelie Smith
    Omg yes and yes!!!!
  438. Trish Borjas
    Huge need in Fort McMurray for all kids and adults with disabilities!
  439. Christine Langdon
    I also have a child with a disability. He is 20 now but when he was little it was definitely a struggle trying to get supports in place for him. If there is anything else I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for starting this, so many of us wished we had but never had the opportunity to try. Thank you
  440. Courtney White
  441. Edna Moman
    A much needed service.
  442. Ashley seniuk
  443. I fully support programs that help those with additional needs. It’s a vital part of the community .
  444. This would instrumental in bringing support and acceptance for us and our families in our community
  445. Lea Semenoff
    As a teacher in Fort McMurray, I fully support this and think it would be a wonderful idea!
  446. Tracy bourassa
    We need more support for children with special needs!
  447. Taralynn McIver
    Yes I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB
  448. Sharon Vardy
    A facility is essential for individual and family wellbeing.
  449. Alberta Rosema
    I support children with disabilities in RMWB
  450. Ashley Banez
  451. Luis Lozano
    Doing it for all the children and their future.
  452. Geraldine Fielder
    Can't wait to see this happen!
  453. My first born have asd and i would love it if theres a facility here in fort mc for their needs and i think they help him alot
  454. I am mom 7 years old son ,who diagnosed autism in age 4.
  455. Danielle
  456. Lillian Sow
    Autism mom
  457. Mitch & Anne Taylor
    Congratulations Danielle, good luck to you and your new partners to make this project a huge success.
  458. Nicol Gosling
    Yes, I support a place for children with disabilities in RMWB!
  459. Kirsti Mardell
    We need this facility here to help support our community members who call RMWB Home!
  460. Lynelle Jensen
    This would be so amazing for the children of Fort McMurray (and their families)!
  461. Kerri Torkkeli
    I have a child with autism, and this community desperately needs this.
  462. Shasta butler
  463. Deb lemay
  464. Constance
    Yes Fort Mcmurray needs more support
  465. Freddy Diaz
    Let’s get it done!
  466. Freddy Diaz
    Let’s do it!
  467. They deserve the best
  468. Mayra Mendez
    My little friend Tommy needs more help on his community♥️
  469. Christine Godby
    My child has disabilities and would love a place for her to go. Kids in smaller cities need access to proper facilities and travelling over 5 hours to Edmonton is very hard.
  470. Mandy Norman
    My daughter has Koolen Devries Syndrome, a rare genetic deletion. She has severe speech delays as well as fine & gross motor delays. We have been accessing community supports for her since 2012. More diverse services, as well as more availability for existing services, would be a huge benefit for families in the region.
  471. Christine Larocque
    Yes!! About time this is happening!! What a great group of people to make this happen!!
  472. As a mother of four, one daughter with Autism and one with sensory processing disorder, I completely support this. A place for our special kiddos would be amazing! Well done guys!
  473. Jennifer Toutant
    Fully support this initiative.
  474. Lynette Butt
    I support this initiative!
  475. Fahd Najmeddine
    This is long overdue, and needed in our region!
  476. April Jones
    I support children with disabilities in RMWB
  477. Sarah Mullen
    Signing and supporting for Kian & Ailey Mullen
  478. Tina Delainey